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SINFO 29's Speakers

Get to learn more about our industry with these top leading international and national keynote speakers!


Character Supervisor


Distinguished-Chair, CEO




Security Evangelist


Head of Effects Animation



Senior iOS Engineer and Engineering Manager


Audio Director and Composer


AI Research Fellow


Adjunct Professor



Software Development Consultant


Sr. Application Security Engineer


VFX Composition Supervisor


Software Engineer



Halo Esports and Viewership Lead


UX Design Lead, Rollouts tools

SINFO 29's Schedule

Apresentação da Tech Team da Worten, áreas de trabalho, principais projetos e desafios.

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

A journey into cyber incident management.

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

Come see how KPMG is shaping the future with technology solutions to support business processes that we use in our daily activities.

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

How a company prepares herself for the internationalization challenge of a product for the difficult Financial market. How they minimized the risks and adapted to the different cultures, languages, and market regulations.

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

Get to know diconium as a company, our culture and core values. See how we enable workers to grow, learn, and tailor their career path to their objectives and needs. Doesn't matter if you're hyper focused on work life balance, or energised by new challenges, we strive to bring out the best in everyone, in a way that makes sense for them.

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

Our presentation will be a journey of why we are a Great Place to Work and why this is the right challenge for the candidates.

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

Imaginary Cloud is an award winning Software Development & UX/UI Design company whose purpose is to champion a Human-Centric world. Come and learn more about us!

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

In this funny & insightful Kahoot session we will be launching a set of questions to test your skills as developers.

Giveaway: 50€ FNAC Gift Card

Having found product/market fit in the early stages of its growth, live shopping platform Whatnot decided that it was time to sunset its React Native app and move towards Native iOS. As their founding iOS Engineer, Laura Weaver will go through the business and technical journey. We will discuss early architectural decisions, including how to set yourself up for success with testing, internationalization and flexible design paradigms.

Giveaway: JBL Bluetooth Headset

To code is to write bugs. We all do it and we all have to fix the messes we create and debug our code. If we are unlucky, we have to debug someone else’s code. Or in the worst case handle a bug in production. But don’t panic, stay calm and follow the universal principles of debugging to catch them all.
This talk will walk through the higher level principles of debugging using a non tech example. We will also look at how those principles can be turned into practical steps to narrow down, reproduce and hopefully fix bugs in software. Debugging won’t just help you to fix errors in your software, but is also a great way to learn about a code base and the tools you are using. And you might not believe me, but it can be fun too.

Giveaway: Dolce Gusto Piccolo XS Coffee Machine

Coding interviews are the gateway to a software engineering career. Master the approaches to algorithmic thinking by breaking down a problem with simple methods.

Giveaway: Xiaomi Mi Band 6

From development to production, an introduction on how to test and deploy using CI/CD.

Requirements: Linux machine recomended, however Windows will work as well. Software TBD

Giveaway: 15€ FNAC Gift Card

Discover how Sky & NBC Universal built a world-class Streaming app. With 50+ million users, Peacock became a record-breaking streaming platform, with recent sports events like the Winter Olympics and the Super Bowl LVI.

No Requirements

Giveaway: 15€ FNAC Gift Card

Within every minute,we transform a new person's life. We make a new story possible. We unlock dreams.

Requirements: Laptop

Giveaway: 15€ FNAC Gift Card

Is your vision outside the box?

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

Learn more about Sky Portugal. Our people, culture and the way we deliver engineering excellence at a scale of millions

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

Lightweightform (aka: LF) é uma framework open-source, utilizada para criar web forms de elevada complexidade (múltiplas páginas, centenas de campos, milhares de validações). Fazemos isso para clientes institucionais há 20 anos, primeiro com Java Applets e agora com uma stack de tecnologias web: HTML5, Angular, Kotlin, Node, que distribuímos sob a forma de uma framework open-source: Lightweightform

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

Have you ever heard about Accenture? It´s all about the future! Let´s find out!

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

Como potenciar o teu desenvolvimento através do programa NOS ALFA. Quais as suas caraterísticas e oportunidades na NOS - a visão de um Alumnus do IST

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

In this talk, we'll introduce you to the SingleStoreDB product, the database for data-intensive applications

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

How did frontend technologies shaped the modern developer, and forced the evolution from webmaster to frontend developer.
In the beginning there was darkness. You would write your cold lines of code against a black screen and white text in a terminal. Then a Flash, an explosion of tools, and you would weaver dreams. At your fingertips there was a whole new world, full of hyper text, styles cascading, and never ending sheets, you were the master of your domain, and the web could be whatever you wanted it to be.
But as empires raised and fell, as the Query masters of the house of J lost their importance, more and more tools would appear. Javascript turned Typescript, CSS got more or LESS some SASS in it, and static files in a server got bundled, Webpacked, and Parceled into their destination. Let's take a stroll down memory lane and understand how did we arrive where we are.

Giveaway: 50€ FNAC Gift Card

In this Keynote, I'll talk about my work on the series La Casa de Papel, as well as the process of creating the series' effects.

Giveaway: Agfa 35mm Analog Camera

The session looks at the science and art of creating characters for animated feature films.
Brian Green’s 25 plus years working on animated features has seen him create and supervise the creation of some of the big screen’s best-loved characters. From his very first project – Slim, the stick insect – Green has gone on to supervise across The Good Dinosaur, Toy Story 3, Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc. and A Bug's Life, among others. This talk looks at the creation of animated characters and how science and art has evolved to extend our creative reach.

Giveaway: XP-PEN StarG640 Drawing Tablet

Head of Effects Animation at Walt Disney Animation Studios Erin Ramos details her journey of how after graduating with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering, was able to break into the world of visual effects in films. Learn how a background in computer science translates into working in an artistic field as well as some of the process behind some of Disney Animation's latest releases.

Giveaway: JBL Wireless headphones

We pretend to give a little taste about Performance. Challenges they could face on a day to day at Crossjoin.

Requirements: Laptop

Giveaway: 15€ FNAC Gift Card

Wouldn't it be nice to have the Lisbon Metro information in an app? We think it'd be awesome, so let's develop a simple React app in Javascript using our beloved IDE VSCode! We'll bootstrap a React app to hit the ground running and create a couple of components for the matter. We'll learn the basics, a way to structure our project and consume an API to fetch informations, and display them on screen.
In the end we'll have a look at enterprise grade projects and show that it's not only building components and fetching data... But don't worry, we'll get into that later.

Requirements: Device with the following software installed:
node LTS v16.13.2 - https://nodejs.org/en/download/
vscode - https://code.visualstudio.com/Download
nvm - https://github.com/nvm-sh/nvm#installing-and-updating

Giveaway: 15€ FNAC Gift Card

Are you tech-savvy willing to learn how to build apps? The Building Apps with Salesforce workshop will help you learn how to use a low-code platform to build a recruitment app right away. We will guide your journey step-by-step to your app development to be successful!

Requirements: Laptop with internet access

Giveaway: 15€ FNAC Gift Card

Transforming a complex Front-End into an easy, intuitive and unique system using a set of in-house developed tools.

Requirements: Note-taking material (computer, tablet, notebook)

Giveaway: 15€ FNAC Gift Card

Cisco overview and early in career opportunities for senior year students and fresh graduates

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

Nesta sessão serão abordados conceitos e tecnologias associados a frameworks state-of-the-art sobre as quais os produtos Cloud PRIMAVERA são construídos, nomeadamente a evolução de uma arquitetura monolítica para uma arquitetura de microserviços, e a Fábrica de Dados / Plataforma de IA da PRIMAVERA. Neste último ponto será apresentado um caso de uso “Business Report” com produção de insights através da deteção de anomalias.

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

The presentation will be done by Filipe Inês, a former software engineering trainee and he will give an overview about our Academy and the engineering culture present at OLX.

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

It is only a matter to create a App, isn´t it? In this talk we are going to share a Digital Transformation case based on user maturity, how using data science we can find opportunities to boost engagement and thrive business with a proper communication channel (Not only Digital).

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

Do you consider becoming a Salesforce Trailblazer? If you have done your research but still wonder where to start your journey, Stellaxius offers you a premium ticket to the greatest tech career in our galaxy! Let us show you the way into the Salesforce planet. Book your seat now!

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

Breve apresentação da Glintt e identificação dos principais pontos a ter em consideração num processo de recrutamento.

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

O que é uma Software House e como a Premium se enquadra nesse mundo. O que fazemos, principais diferenças, cultura.

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

Explains how you can resolve daily problems with Crossjoin's methodology

Giveaway: 50€ FNAC Gift Card

Designing and implementing secure products is a continuous learning process that requires an efficient cross-team collaboration, automated & integrated security scans, and constant monitoring of threat landscape. In this talk, I will present a practical & incremental approach to gain acceptable security assurance with a reasonable budget.

Giveaway: TOSHIBA external hard drive

During this lecture Eddy Willems will give you his view on the cyber dangers which threatened the world the past year. Why is a 33 year old problem still the biggest security problem these days? Did we ever learn? Eddy shows the real threats. Are you sure you did the right thing to solve them? 3 decades of security experience bundled in a short pragmatic view on how to solve the basic problem and possibly the cyber dangers of 2022 and later.

Giveaway: Odisseias "Adrenalina Top"

The algorithms are taking over, programming code is all around us, the digital world runs our modern life. Media articles bombard us daily about malicious cyber-attacks, ransomware, electronic theft of intellectual property, banking apps sending your funds to criminals. Our everyday lives have been made better for the most part in the digital age. Even if at times it can be overwhelming. Everyone one of us has an opportunity to make the digital a little safer. No matter if you are in STEM or in the Arts, we all are involved with technology. During this talk I’ll take you on a journey into the cyber world and describing how you, no matter what university major you study. How you can take part in the ever-changing interconnected world and make the digital world safer.

Giveaway: Xiaomi Mi Band 6


Requirements: Laptop

Giveaway: 15€ FNAC Gift Card

OutSystems é a plataforma líder de mercado para desenvolvimento Low-Code. Neste workshop vamos perceber como a tecnologia acelera a transformação digital de qualquer negócio.

Requirements: No requirements

Giveaway: 15€ FNAC Gift Card

Se queres potenciar as tuas competências técnicas deves procurar trabalhar numa organização que tenha no seu ADN o mindset Agile. Vem conhecer o que é o Agile e como é que propósito, autonomia, experimentação e aprendizagem em equipa vão mudar a tua vida.

Requirements: No requirements

Giveaway: 15€ FNAC Gift Card

Learn how to apply solutions to common problems in software design using Design Patterns

Requirements: No requirements

Giveaway: 15€ FNAC Gift Card

Human race is curious by Nature. We need to know more.
Collectively, our society is moving forward on so many levels with incredible breakthroughs fixing World’s greatest problems. We believe in the Future, we believe we are building the best version of humankind.

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

At tb.lx we build sustainable transportation solutions for our customers around the world, for fleet managers, drivers, operators, or cities. From electrical vehicles to automating day-to-day tasks. We will show you how we work, our challenges and how we tackle them to reach a more sustainable future.

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

Being the world leader in the automotive industry doesn't make us stop. Not even slow down. We are a team of restless and curious creatures who are boosting Volkswagen Group's Digital journey around the world. Let's explore new roads together!

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

Data-oriented programming in a large-scale production

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

A Xpand IT começou nos corredores do IST e tornou-se uma empresa tecnológica de referência, tanto em Portugal como no Mundo. Vem descobrir o que fazemos, que tecnologias usamos e como trabalhamos – sempre com o objectivo de criar soluções de referência e com impacto para os nossos clientes.

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

How we maintain a quality and scalable product in a collaborative environment where everyone in the tech team is fundamental to achieve our goals.

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

In this talk, we will present and discuss the challenges of implementing a seemingly simple protocol such as the 2PC protocol for distributed atomic commitment in the real world.

Giveaway: 50€ FNAC Gift Card

Music, art, and technology all come together to create games. I will share my journey from earning an advanced degree in music composition, having a successful business writing and producing original music and sound for film and tv, and finally working for more the 25 years in video games. How do you get work, collaborate, publish, and communicate within an industry that is constantly striving to advance in technology?

Giveaway: Hyperx Gaming Headset

Fun is the future! Why? Because fun is a key ingredient to enhance education, advance science, and strengthen cultural connections. Research at the ETH Game Technology Center and Disney Research Studios uses advanced game technologies like augmented reality and machine learning to weave layers of playful interaction into important human activities. In this keynote, I will present projects from ETH and Disney Research that use game technology to advance our efforts in education, research, and outreach. For example, the ETH Game Technology Center’s capstone course on game programming helps reinforce computer science learning at the university level, while our “Game Creator” app uses the same principles to expose children to the logic of programming. At Disney Research, physics-based simulation and machine learning brings advanced character animation to games and virtual environments. And finally, novel augmented reality applications help engage the public about the future potential of game technology.

Giveaway: Steelseries Gaming Mouse

If you only looked at social media, you would think that the movers and shakers of the esports industry are solely big influencers, team owners, top pro players and the like. While they certainly do have a big impact, it’s the engineers who work with code that have an outsized impact on the esports industry – and no one seems to be talking about them.

Giveaway: Creative Live! Webcam

IoT and Big Data presents today a huge, new opportunity for companies to meet the demands of their customers. There is no doubt that Things can be intelligent hubs for information, and this vast amount of data presents a challenge and an opportunity. We will walk through the fundamental concepts and actual use cases while discussing the industry trends.

Requirements: Computer with internet access

Giveaway: 15€ FNAC Gift Card

O que são Containers? E Docker ? Vem aprender as bases a sua utilidade e o porquê de ser tão usado no mundo de desenvolvimento.

Requirements: Portátil, Docker e Docker-compose instalados (de modo agilizar o workshop)

Giveaway: 15€ FNAC Gift Card

WICO: Como inovar e adotar tecnologia numa indústria tradicional , e criar produto na Deloitte

Requirements: TBA

Giveaway: 15€ FNAC Gift Card

Come see our perspetive on the role and key skills of a modern tech consultant on our journey to build tech solutions that shape our future.

Requirements: No Requirements

Giveaway: 15€ FNAC Gift Card

Descobre a Fidelidade por detrás dos Seguros e a forma como a Tecnologia nos ajuda a moldar ecossistemas da mobilidade e saúde, entre outros. Se queres fazer parte desta transformação, esta sessão é para ti!

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

In this short talk, we will explain the activities of BNP Paribas and its important role in Portugal, with a focus on opportunities for engineers such as Quantitative Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data engineer roles to name a few of them.

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

How to succeed as a front-end engineer

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

A experiência de um dos primeiros LEICianos e como atravessando mais de 25 anos de inovações tecnológicas, a gestão diferenciada das pessoas que empresas como a Aubay fazem é um dos pilares mais relevantes.

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

iCapital powers the world of alternative investments. Presenting Form Builder, a framework to deal with the complexity of managing data forms.

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

In the last 12 years, Bliss Applications created over 200 digital experiences, improving countless lives. From disruptive mobile banks to seamless IoT ecosystems, and global ecommerce solutions, they’ve built it all. In this talk, Diogo Cunha (CTO) and Juliana Pires (Talent Acquisition) explain how their team works together to engineer a better future, while having a lot of fun.

Giveaway: 10€ FNAC GIFT CARD

The insufficiency of ground truth data is usually a barrier when researchers are trying to train machine learning models for real-world applications. In this talk I will be discussing some of the computer vision applications I have worked on in the past, discussing some interesting techniques as well as lessons learnt while creating ground truth labels in order to answer research questions around ways to study the effects of Spatial Apartheid in South Africa, on improving traffic safety in Jakarta, Indonesia and other projects.

Giveaway: Google Nest Mini

What does it take to progress a career as a software engineer? Beyond coding skills, we'll look at how communication is increasingly becoming a key differentiator for success at the workplace. Who are the key players in an IT team? How can engineers tailor communications to reach them effectively? I'll share personal prospectives and examples from real life experiences on team work and the value of collaboration.

Giveaway: Xiaomi Mi Band 6

The search engine Ecosia is not only the biggest European search engine but also one of the biggest tree planting organizations on the planet. Ecosia's founder Christian will tell you more about his unusual company. He will also explain why technology won't solve climate change, and why he decided to give his company to a foundation instead of selling it for many millions.

Giveaway: JBL speaker


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SINFO is a college student and non-profitable organization responsible for planning the biggest free tech event in Portugal. An annual conference that takes place at the Alameda Campus of Instituto Superior Técnico, in the capital city of Portugal, Lisbon.


At SINFO, our mission is to give students and general attendants the opportunity to interact and get closer to influential and thriving people in the fields of Information Technology and Computer Science. We also bring tech companies of major relevance to our attendants so they can communicate with those companies’ employees, share experiences and maybe find a future position. We do this by continuously trying to improve the quality of our event, not only by bringing new speakers for every edition but also by bringing innovative companies and startups that share our love for technology.

We live in an increasingly technological world in a constant and swirling motion, where Computer Science and IT play fundamental roles. For the last 28 editions, SINFO has been the bridge between that world and the student community. Every single one of them sums up several months of dedication and hard work laid out by its members, who are driven by the rewarding smiles of SINFO’s participants and the desire to surpass themselves every year. We like to think we’ve managed to do both hitherto. Our goal is to inspire and be inspired.



We are mainly focused on bringing the ultimate technological experience to the student community. Nonetheless, everyone fascinated by IT or seeking a new career opportunity is welcome to join us and the more than 7000 people that cross SINFO's door every edition.

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Yes! SINFO is — and always will be — free for everyone to attend and experience, no questions asked.

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We're back to our venue! From the 27th of February to the 3rd of March, 2023, pay a visit to the Alameda Campus of Instituto Superior Técnico, in Lisbon, and you'll surely spot our venue!

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Of course! SINFO is free and open to all the community. Everyone can enroll and participate in our sessions and even win magnificent prizes!

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